Top 5 of the Best Money Earning App in 2022 – Get Closer to Financial Freedom

Rakuten is a rebate-based programme

The best money earning app helps you make money by providing you with an ongoing flow of spendable cash. These apps give you rewards like cashback, referral bonuses, gift coupons, free recharge, and incredible deals. Some of them also offer you discounted or free limited-period premium memberships for partner apps. These apps also credit redeemable coins to your account or wallet. These coins can be used to buy products and services or enter sports prediction contests. Let’s enjoy 5 best money earning app from Popular Mobile Apps Review

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List of the best money earning app

OsMoxy is a free money earning app

OsMoxy is a free money-making app that allows you to earn money by referring other users. It is available for both Android and iOS devices. All you need to sign up is an unregistered mobile number and a password or OTP. After that, you can use your free Rs10 wallet to start playing. Once you have reached a certain balance, you can continue to play to earn more cash. Users have reported earning more than Rs700 by playing fast parity games.


The OsMoxy app is the best way to earn real money while playing games. The games are easy to predict and earn real cash in your bank account. You can also earn unlimited real money through the referral program. Hence, it is essential to refer as many friends as you can.

OsMoxy is similar to other prediction-based gaming apps like Fiewin. There are many different games to choose from. Another unique feature of this app is the high payouts. You can redeem your credits for gift cards to popular retailers. OsMoxy is not invasive and will earn you as much as $20 per year passively. You can also join the SavvyConnect VIP program, which is also safe and uses secure technology to collect your data. As a member, you can earn as much as $5 per month!

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PUBG UC is the best money earning app

If you have a PUBG account, you can make money through various methods. One of the best options is to take surveys. Taking surveys will earn you credit points, which will be converted into cash. The more surveys you take, the more credits you will get. Usually, the amount you earn per survey is small, but it’s possible to accumulate credits over time.

You can use free UC generator apps to multiply your earnings, but these apps are usually scams. There are plenty of UC generator apps available online, but most of them are fake. You have to be careful and check out the details of the app to make sure that it’s safe.

PUBG UC best money earning app 2022

Another option is to join cashback programs. There are many of them, and most of them only run for a limited time. Also, these cashback programs could potentially compromise your account or smartphone security. As a result, PUBG developers ban these hacking apps regularly.

You can also earn UC by watching advertisements. Another good way to earn UC is through Bonus Challenges. During these challenges, you can win bonus coins that can be redeemed for free UC Packages. However, this method is not the quickest. To earn bonus coins, you must have UC in your account.

PUBG mobile players organize a lot of tournaments and contests on a daily basis. You can also play subscriber games organized by other players and YouTubers. These contests usually involve free PUBG UC. To participate, you must follow the organizers on social media and play the games when they are announced.

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Mistplay is a gaming app

If you want to earn money from gaming, Mistplay is a great choice. This app enables you to make money by playing games and earning referral commissions. It does this by offering you a variety of games and gift cards. It is free to download and is available on Android phones.

Mistplay is available only on Android devices. You must own a compatible Android device to redeem gift cards. When redeeming gift cards, you must choose the correct currency and email address, otherwise, you cannot claim your gift card. Then, you must wait 48 hours to receive your gift card.

Mistplay is a gaming app

To earn money from Mistplay, you need to refer friends and complete actions to earn Mistplay units. In some games, you can earn bonus units by referring friends to the app. Bonus units are also earned by playing certain streaks in a certain game. You can also earn extra units by looking for games that have high multipliers. A higher multiplier means that you will earn more units when you reach the next level.

Another way to earn money through Mistplay is by exchanging Game Experience Points (GXP). When you level up in a game, you earn more GXPs, which you can exchange for prizes. You can also refer your friends to Mistplay to earn free gift cards.

Mistplay is an interesting way to earn money from gaming. This money earning app is free and works across dozens of countries. It is also a globally friendly app that offers free gift cards. It is a refreshingly honest mobile gaming rewards platform. Undoubtably, Mistplay is one of the best money earning apps 2022 you should try. 

WONK is a tutor-student booking app

Our list of best money earning app calls out for WONK as well. WONK is a mobile-first tutor discovery platform. The name is a play on the word “know” and mirrors the importance of finding and hiring a tutor. According to a recent study by ASSOCHAM, 87 percent of primary school children and 95 percent of high school students receive private tuition. The founders of WONK realized there were many unnecessary barriers in the tutoring space and decided to create a platform that could make the process easier for parents and students.

WONK is the best money making app

WONK offers a list of tutors with their profile information. Users can sort and filter the list according to their criteria. The app also has a feature that allows you to search for a tutor by name or browse through feedback and testimonials. Users can then select a tutor who best suits their needs and pay them directly from their savings account.

WONK is the largest expert tutor booking app in India with more than 75,000 verified tutors. The company was founded by Vidhu Goyal, who believes that learning should be available to everyone. This innovative platform also offers free training to tutors to help them improve their skills and become a successful tutor.

WONK offers flexible work hours for its tutors. On average, online tutors spend four to eight hours a day teaching, earning INR 300-1000 per hour. On a monthly basis, online tutors earn around INR 40,000. This is a good income for a part-time job, especially for women seeking part-time work. WONK also aims to empower the women in the country through their service.

Rakuten is a rebate-based programme

If you’re looking to save money while shopping online, you might want to consider Rakuten, a rebate-based programme that gives you cash back on purchases. The website offers discounts and rebates for thousands of items. It is easy to use, offers regular payouts and doesn’t require gift cards or points. You can even refer friends to earn more cash back.

Rakuten has a referral program that lets you earn cash back for referring friends to the programme. Simply use your referral link to make a qualifying purchase on Rakuten and you’ll be rewarded with $30. The cash back is added to your account within a few days.

Rakuten is a rebate-based programme

You can earn Rakuten rebates by shopping on Rakuten, using your credit card to pay for your purchases. Signing up is free, and you can specify whether you want the cash back deposited to your PayPal account or sent via check. Initially, Rakuten offered rebates only for online purchases, but now you can use the service in-store. It also offers a mobile app, so you can access your Rakuten account while you’re on the go. Rakuten also lets you earn rebates when you book a plane ticket.

Rakuten offers special deals on select stores. You can save money when you shop at these stores by using your Rakuten membership card. Moreover, you can also earn cashback if you buy a certain product. One such promo, for example, offered 15% off any order and 3% cashback. Rakuten earns money by offering discounts to its members through affiliate marketing. This is a legitimate business practice and pays affiliates a percentage of the commission earned from sales.

Cashback rates vary from retailer to retailer. You can also earn bonus cash back if you refer a friend or reach certain spending thresholds. However, to maximize your Rakuten rewards, you must use the site every time you shop online. Cashback is usually paid via PayPal every three months. However, Rakuten’s site can be confusing, and some consumers claim that it encourages impulse buying.

You have got the list of 5 best mobile earning money app to make more money at free time. Vist PMAR more often to know more mobile apps that can help you come closer to financial freedom.

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