Blue Circle Around Profile Picture on Messenger: What Does It Mean?

blue circle around your profile picture on messenger

If you don’t know what blue circle around your profile picture on messenger means, this blog will tell you more about it. Let’s discover!

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What does a blue circle around profile picture on messenger mean?

blue circle around your profile picture

You may notice that some of the profiles have a blue ring around the thumbnail profile image when you open your messenger and locate the list of your friends there. The presence of this blue circle serves as a visual cue that the user has recently posted new stories on Facebook. As an alternative, we could say that although you as a viewer have access to a new article that friends have shared, you haven’t yet read it.

By tapping on the blue circle profile, you may see their stories and comment or like them. And they can see that you have recently seen their posted stories. 

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How long does a blue circle around profile picture on messenger stay? 

A story on Facebook or messenger only stays within 24 hours, unless the account owner deletes it early. Therefore, a blue circle around profile picture on messenger will disappear after a day. 

How to show a blue circle around the profile in Messenger?

You may get the desired effect of having a blue circle appear around your Messenger profile anytime a buddy views the thumbnail for your profile by only submitting a story.

The steps to adding to your Messenger story are as follows:

  • In the bottom right corner, tap Stories.
  • To start writing your post, tap Create Story
  • Choose “Add to Story.”

Learn more about other symbols on Messenger


Grey circle

Several different icons appear in the Facebook Messenger app. Some of these icons are used to let you know the status of a message. Here are some of the most common symbols that you may see on the app.

The blue circle with a checkmark is a standard indicator that a message has been sent. The message will be delivered once it reaches the recipient’s phone or device.

The red triangle with an exclamation mark is a less common indicator. If the triangle appears on the screen, the recipient’s internet connection might be malfunctioning. This could be due to a slow network or server issues.

The white tick is a similar indicator. It means that the message has been successfully delivered. The grey tick is a little more colorful and is similar to the white tick.

Empty blue circle

Symbols are used in Messenger to tell you the status of messages you are sending. These are usually indicated by icons, which are circles next to a blue tick. The icons are used to tell you if a message has been delivered. If the receiver has read your message, the recipient’s profile icon will appear. You can also choose to ignore the message, which is similar to muting it.

The red triangle with the exclamation point is the least common symbol, and indicates that your Internet connection is slow or the server is down. If the message is sent successfully, it will display a blue checkmark with a white checkmark inside. This is the same symbol you’ll see in text messages.

The empty grey circle is another symbol that shows you the status of a message. It shows you that the message is being processed. This may happen if you are using airplane mode. The message will still be available to you whenever you return to it.

You have learn about the blue circle around profile picture on messenger. 

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