Top 6 Best Android Weather Apps That Won’t Let You Down

Best android weather app

Best Android weather app – Whether you’re a traveler, a fisherman, a hunter or just someone who needs to know what the weather is going to be like, you should have a good weather app for your Android. There are many to choose from, so you’ll need to know which one is best android weather app for your needs. 

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List of best Android weather app


Using the AccuWeather Android weather app, you can get detailed weather forecasts for your location. The app has an easy-to-use interface and provides weather radar results in real time. You can also receive weather-related notifications on your Android phone or Android wearable.

You can also view localized weather for more than 3 million locations. You can set your location manually or let the app recognize it through GPS. The application can also help you track approaching hurricanes. You can see current temperatures and humidity, as well as wind, rain, and snow. You can also customize alerts to be sent when severe weather is predicted for your location. You can also add a Weather widget to your home screen.

AccuWeather best Android weather app

The app can be downloaded from Google Play for free. However, you can pay $2.99 to purchase the “Platinum” version. This version comes with several features, including a weather radar for all of North America. You can also watch daily videos with weather forecasts for all of Europe.

The app also provides news and weather updates from other sources. You can choose from several different weather forecasts, including hourly, daily, and weekly. You can also see the weather radar maps for each location, as well as a detailed map of the location. The app also shows your location’s sunrise and sunset times. You can even set a favorite location for the application to show you forecasts for that location. You can also receive alerts for severe weather, including sleet, snow, hurricanes, and tornadoes.

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Yahoo Weather

Yahoo Weather is one of the best Android weather app we want to recommend.  You are a nerd or an adrenaline junkie, the Yahoo Weather android app can help keep you safe from the unexpected. This app uses Flickr and GPS to provide users with accurate weather data. The app also has a neat feature that lets users track their favorite cities. The app also includes a snazzy looking widget that can be placed on your home screen.

The weather app boasts several impressive features including a four-day forecast, hourly and daily updates, and an interactive map. The app also includes a number of useful widgets, including a lock screen widget that shows the temperature in large friendly digits.

Yahoo Weather

The weather app also has a cool feature that lets users submit photos from Flickr to their project weather pool. The app uses the pictures to display relevant weather information, such as the chance of precipitation and the location’s highest and lowest temperature. The app also displays sunrise and sunset times, along with wind and pressure modules.

The app also boasts a new feature that lets users see what is in the forecast for the next 10 days. You can also set up an alert that will keep you up-to-date on the weather at any time of the day. The weather app also has a feature that allows users to add photos of their favorite spots.

The app also boasts a number of other impressive features, including a 24-hour weather prediction and a cool widget that shows the location’s highest and lowest temperature.

Carrot Weather

Unlike other weather apps, Carrot Weather is a free app that is available for both Android and iOS. The app offers you an easy-to-read weather report with a fun twist. The app features a funky AI overlord, Carrot, who delivers a variety of jokes, weather-related gimmicks, and a weather forecast that’s more than just a plain old calendar.

The app is easy to use, and the user interface is not too complex. Carrot Weather also features a weather widget for your home screen that’s free of charge, but requires a premium membership to automatically update your background weather forecast.

Carrot Weather

In addition to its standard weather widget, Carrot Weather app features an augmented reality mode, which lets you check the weather at any time. It even offers a few other widgets, such as a UV index, an hourly weather forecast, and an air quality index.

Carrot Weather also features a multi-column layout, which lets you view up to three columns of weather data on your iPad. This is not something that is easily found in other apps, and will certainly pique your interest as a weather nut.

The app also offers a free app called Shortcuts that lets you create complex workflows to get the most out of your weather app. It is also compatible with Apple Watch, and offers a weather widget that’s free to download.

Carrot Weather is a fun and quirky weather app, and it’s definitely worth a try. It’s also a good idea to test it out on your own, as it can be pretty darn impressive when you get used to it.

NOAA Weather

Whether you’re looking for a quick check of current conditions, or an in depth forecast, the NOAA Weather Android app is the perfect answer. It provides users with detailed forecasts and maps, including up to the minute radar maps and weekly forecasts.

The weather app has an easy to use user interface that gives you access to the most important weather data. It includes up-to-date temperature and humidity readings, as well as UV index, rainfall and cloud cover. It also offers the option to receive alerts based on weather conditions.

NOAA Weather

The Weather App also includes an exclusive interactive map of your location. This is great for weather enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Whether you’re looking for a weather forecast for your hometown, or a weather forecast for your travels, the app has you covered.

The Weather App is also available for iOS and Blackberry devices. It includes push notifications of weather alerts, as well as pinpoint weather conditions from nearby weather stations. It has a great selection of customization options, and offers a free version.

While the NOAA Weather app is not the first weather application you should use, it is one of the most impressive. It also has a neat little feature – a real-time weather radar.

The Weather App is also available in a Windows version, and can be downloaded and installed with Bluestacks. You can find more information about the app by visiting its website.


Whether you’re a serious weather hobbyist or just want to keep up with your local area, Radarscope is a must-have app. Featuring a powerful suite of weather radar products, Radarscope gives you complete, real-time weather forecasting.

Radarscope pulls weather data from two89 NEXRAD and TDWR radar sites across the U.S. and Canada. It also includes the Australian Bureau of Meteorology and Environment Canada radars. It allows you to view super-resolution radar data, including reflectivity and velocity.


Radarscope has two subscription tiers: Pro Tier One and Pro Tier Two. The Pro Tier One subscription costs $9.99 a year and includes dual-pane capability and longer animations. It also includes a 30-day archive of all radar products. It also includes shear contouring and SPC outlooks.

The Pro Tier Two subscription is an annual subscription and includes 50-frame loops, shear contouring and a full historical archive of NEXRAD Level 3 products. It also includes hail size detection and multi-device activation. The app includes advanced features such as rotation detection and weather statements. It also has a custom notification option.

Radarscope features a detailed interface that provides an incredible amount of information. It uses your mouse to zoom in and out of imagery, but you can also use the trackpad to scroll through the data.

Radarscope is an app that is great for tracking storms and tornadoes across the U.S. It features timely warnings for approaching weather. It also gives users access to tornado and hurricane warnings. It can also be integrated with Apple Watch. Its alerts can be customized according to your location.

Windy (formerly known as Windyty)

Despite the plethora of weather apps in the Android Play Store, one app stands out from the crowd. Windy (formerly known as Windyty) brings together the world’s leading weather forecasting models to create a truly interactive weather forecasting tool. This app is a great choice for anyone with an interest in weather.

Windyty best weather app

It comes with a free version and a pro version that offers additional weather sources, widgets and themes. You can also opt for a free one-month trial.

Windy comes with a handy feature that allows you to zoom forward 10 days to see the most current weather. You can also switch between a radar view and a satellite view. In addition, the app also shows you which cyclones are heading towards your city. It even has a handy feature for determining the wind speed and direction.

It is no secret that the wind plays a major role in determining the weather. It is important to know how strong the wind is so that you can make smart decisions about your travel plans. For example, if you’re traveling to a foreign country, you’ll want to find out how windy it is.

The best weather apps will not only give you the weather forecast you need, they will also help you prepare for the next big storm. The best weather apps will also give you a heads up about extreme temperatures and provide radar images for severe weather warnings.

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With 6 suggestions of best Android weather app above, you won’t be afraid of the weather for the next trip.


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