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Who are we?

Popular Mobile Apps Review or Popularmobileappsreview, or also known as PMAR, is a tech blog to get reliable reviews on the best mobile apps, which are trusted by milions of people all over the world. If you are looking for a new place for app reviews, or want to choose the best apps for mobileyou are right to be here with us.

Popular Mobile Apps Review has a team of technology lovers, who are passionate about smart mobile apps that make our life easier.

Why are Popular Mobile Apps Reviews born?

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Currently, there are about 6.95 billion smartphones being used all over the world.  As a result, there are billions of mobile apps launched for communication, working, learning, entertainment, and much more. 

Among billions of mobile apps, are you confident that you have chosen the best one for your purpose?  Many people chose applications from untrustworthy sources which were very harmful for their internet safety. 

Therefore, Popular Mobile Apps Review is born to help you choose the best mobile apps among tons of should-be-trashed applications out there. 

Why to get the best mobile apps reviews on PMAR?

Firstly, All mobile app reviews on this blog are based on real reviews of users. Therefore, you can completely rely on us. Our team is dedicated to collecting comments from trustworthy sources, forums, and social media groups. Moreover, many articles are written from our own experience. 

Secondly, Popular Mobile Apps Review aims to choose the best mobile apps, which are free mobile apps or sold at affordable prices. 

Thirdly, Popular Mobile Apps Review is safe and free to use. On this blog, you don’t need to provide any personal information. No registration or login is required.  We don’t affiliate or something like that to earn money as well. 

Besides, app reviews here are published in both text and audio versions. You can choose to read or listen reviews on podcast channels.

Finally, if you need any help or have any suggestions, our team is willing to support and hear from  you 24/7. Feel free to contact us via contact form or email. 

What do you get from Popular Mobile Apps Review?

Popular Mobile Apps Review focuses on listing and reviewing the best mobile apps that are trusted by most people. From this blog, you will get: 

  • best finance apps : The finance apps will help you manage your spending, saving, and investment more wisely. 
  • best fitness app. The fitness apps will help you stay healthier and more active everyday
  • mobile banking apps. The mobile banking apps will help you send and receive online transactions conveniently 
  • best mobile game app. The mobile game apps will help you relax after working and studying hours 
  • best learning app reviews. The learning apps will help you learn anything fast. 
  • And much more 

Besides, the best mobile apps are carefullly curated as a list so that you can easily make comparison among them then choose the best one for your demand.